About the Department

Pharmacology department was established in (1430- 2009) in Faculty of Medicine, King Abdulaziz University, Rabigh Campus. The department is responsible for the core course of Pharmacology during the second year of medical education. In addition, due to the integrated nature of curriculum delivery, the Pharmacology department is involved in all the system modules.

• The department has 30 research projects, of which 23 have been completed or approved and seven under review.

• The department has about 50 scientific papers published in peer-review international scientific journals.

• Members of the department received international awards and fellowships as well as membership of international societies.

• The Department of Pharmacology conducted the first scientific research in the Faculty by conducting the first community study shortly after the establishment of the college (1431-2010). It was a survey of Helicobacter pylori in school students in cooperation with the Education Department in Rabigh governorate. Treatments were provided to all students diagnosed to have the infection. This research yielded two scientific papers.

• The department purchased equipment and established the pharmacological research laboratory in the college from the various department projects.

The Department of Pharmacology involves students in various projects of the department to train them on scientific research and help them obtain the license of the Saudi Council for Health Specialties.

• The Department of Pharmacology is the only department in the College that gave large financial rewards to students from various department projects.

• The Department of Pharmacology conducted an awareness campaign for students at King Abdulaziz University, Rabigh branch on energy drinks and resulted in a published scientific paper.

• The Department of Pharmacology in cooperation with the Directorate of Health Affairs in Jeddah, conducted a study on the treatment methods used for Asthma patients in Rabigh General Hospital. This type of research is needed in Rabigh due to its industrial nature and it yielded a published scientific paper.

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